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Welcome back returning Members and Freshman Families!  The Quakes have invited the Rancho Cucamonga Marching Cougars (RCMC) back for the 2018 baseball season.  




The RCMC program is an immense undertaking that demands a large part of our children’s time and energy and we, as parents, owe it to them to do our part to make it as fun and successful as possible.  


We have partnered with the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Profession Baseball Club to provide volunteers to staff two of their concession stands and sweet spot and they donate money to our program.  

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RCMC will be responsible for the staffing efforts of the Aftershock, the Tremor and the Sweet Spot concession stands during all Quakes regular season and playoff games and we will be also asked to assist with some additional special events (4th of July fireworks event.)


Regular season games are posted on the Charms Calendar  for each volunteer to view and sign up for   In order to sign up, you will need a Charms ID – if you do not have an ID, please contact Billy Sherry). More volunteers are typically needed on Thursday, Friday & Saturday games, but I always leave enough space on the calendar for everyone to sign up.  

  1. YOU are responsible for any shift you sign up for and if you cannot work, it is your responsibility (not the schedulers) for finding a replacement to cover.   Keep in mind that even though we are volunteers, this is still a professional business for the Quakes Organization and they are a major source of donations for the Marching Cougars program.

When looking over the Quakes schedule please notice that there are a couple of daytime mid-week games during the school year which the students cannot work, therefore we will need more parent volunteers.  


A typical home game begins at 5:15 when the early shift arrives to turn on machines, prepare food, stock shelves, log into cash registers, wipe down all counters and get ready to open.  As the gates open at around 6:15 pm, it is a slow build up of customers, ordering food, drinks and snacks, which typically heightens around the 3rd inning, last for a couple of innings and drops off as slowly as it builds.  Around 8:30pm or so, the lines have died down to only a few remaining customers, so the Quakes group will then begin sending volunteers home – we ask that you just clean up your area, do some general clean up (sweep, clean machines or equipment) and then clock out and have a safe trip home.


The end times for the games are different every day, due to the variations in the game.  The average for Monday thru Saturday game is usually between 9:30 - 11:00pm.   As sales begin to slow down, volunteers may be released early for the night.  (Note: If you need to leave early for a specific game it is imperative that you let your lead cashier know at the beginning of the shift, as they will need to take this into consideration when making decisions around staffing.  Although attempts will be made to honor your request, there is no guarantees that it will happen – the best alternative is to find someone to cover your entire shift and eliminate any potential source of frustration).



There are several key players in the concession stands, each of which has a specific role in the success of the event.


Cashiers – Cashiers are volunteers from the various school groups, typically the moms, dads, or other family members.  These folks are the front line individuals who meet and greet the customers, take orders, prepare drinks as needed, handle all monetary transactions through the cash register and are the “face of the Quakes”.  The main duty is customer service and ensuring all customer transactions are handled properly.  Due to the sale of alcoholic beverages, it is absolutely mandatory that cashiers be a minimum of 18 years of age.  No exceptions.


Facilitators – typically RCHS students (age 16 or older), but can be friends, parents or relatives.  These individuals are responsible for preparing and handling of all food items in the stand.  Other duties include keeping paper items stocked (cups, plates, napkins) as well as setting up and cleaning the stand(s) as directed.


Lead Cashier – the lead cashier is an experienced parent volunteer who is the liaison for the stand.  This individual typically is the first person to arrive, and the last to go home.  They set up on cash register number 1 and assign all other volunteers to their stations (cashiers and facilitators).  The lead cashier works with the Quakes Management on any issues that arise and share information to all volunteers in the stand at the beginning of each shift. They are responsible to ensure the stands is cleaned at the end of every shift


Cook – an experienced facilitator who works in the “kitchen” area of the concession stand.  Their primary duty is to cook and deliver the “hot items” in the stand (pizza, sandwiches, pretzels, etc).  They are also responsible for cleaning all dishes and mopping all floors at the end of each shift.


Cash Manager – A Quakes employee whose duty is handling all cash and receipts during each game.  They provide the cash at the beginning of each shift, brings change or additional money during the shift, and closes out each register and counts all monies at the end of each shift.


Stand Manager – A Quakes employee who is the person in charge of the successful operation of the concession stand.  This person will assist doing everything in the stand, from stocking shelves to cooking food to running a register.  They will typically work with the Lead Cashier on any issues that may arise.


Quakes Scheduler – A non-voting position of the RCMA Board, currently being filled by Billy Sherry.  This person is responsible for working with Quakes management to identify the number of volunteers needed for each home game and using Charms (or any other means) to ensure the concession stands are staffed adequately with volunteers.


Dress Code/Uniform – This is a professional sporting event, Quakes Management has provided us a dress code in which we are expected to adhere:

Pants - black, tan or khaki docker-style pants, or knee length shorts/capris. No denim, work-out or sweat pants.

Shirt - white polo-style shirt (with a collar).  No sweat shirts or t-shirts.

Shoes - closed toe shoes/sneakers with a rubber sole. No sandals, or flip flops.

Hats - Quakes hats must be worn at all times and are provided at the stadium (at a cost of $5 – so don’t lose it).

Hair/Jewelry - hair shoulder length or longer must be put into a braid or pony tail.  No jewelry except for wedding rings.


If you have any further questions, please contact me at your convenience.  Thank you



Tanya Fair
RCMC Quakes Scheduler




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