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Quakes is one of the most important sources of funding for our program, and we need your support.

Quakes Website

RCMC has an exclusive partnership with the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Minor League Baseball stadium to share concession profits in exchange for our members and students volunteering their time to serve the concessions customers at the Homestand games and other events at LoanMart field here in Rancho.

Schedule: Homestands currently run Tuesday through Sunday throughout the summer and early autumn. Shift durations vary depending on the position and how many guests are at the game. Tuesday through Saturday the Games are typically at 6:30pm with a concessions shift start at 4:30PM. Sundays, usually game time at 2pm (start 12pm) or 5pm (start 3pm). Concessions stay open until the end of the game and sometimes close a little earlier.

Uniform: Black polo-style shirt; black shorts or slacks; black non-slip shoes; face mask TBD (plain-colored or Quakes/Dodgers); Quakes provides a cap for you to keep; long hair back into a ponytail/braid/bun; “Natural” hair color only (no blue, pink, purple, etc.); cover tattoos.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Tanya Fair, RCMC Quakes Coordinator, (616) 724-0634;

Positions: we have 2 main concessions, Aftershock and Tremor; Sweet Spot for Ice Cream; and a few free-standing concession stands. Here are general descriptions of the various positions, although actual duties vary:

Cashier (age 18+): take customers’ orders, process payment, pour beer and soda, ensure order is fulfilled. When necessary, students age 16+ can cashier only if an adult age 21+ pours all beer orders for the student.

Lead Cashier (age 21+): experienced cashier to oversee front operations and close the stand

Facilitator: food prep and bring ordered items to customers

Cook: prepare the hot food (hot dogs/pizza etc.), dishes, clean kitchen (note: this position closes)

Sweet Spot: take the patrons’ orders, process payment, ensure order is fulfilled (no alcohol is served in this concession, so <18 is OK)

Stands (Nachos, Shaved Ice, Dippin’ Dots): Take food/beverage orders, process payment, fulfill orders for a limited number of menu items at these individual stands, count inventory. Nachos stand serves beer and the cashier must be age 18+. Shaved Ice and Dippin Dots can be under age 18.


Please note that signing up for a spot is a request--we may ask you to move into other positions to make sure we have adequate coverage for each stand. Our main objective is to make sure our Quakes patrons have a great experience with the concessions at the game.

"How do I volunteer?"


Click "Volunteer", and select your shift from the dropdown menu filling in all requested information!

Frequently Asked Questions


"What are the hours?"


Shift durations vary depending on the position and how many guests are at the game. Tuesday through Saturday the Games are typically at 6:30pm with a concessions shift start at 4:45PM. Sundays, game time at 2pm with a shift start at 12pm (sometimes 5pm with shift start at 3pm). Concessions remain open until the end of the game unless Quakes management advises otherwise. Usually, the game lasts about 3 hours. We sometimes release a couple cashiers and facilitators in Aftershock and Tremor prior to the game ending when concession needs slow down. If your daytime work schedule or other conflicts are an issue for you to arrive at the shift start time, please talk to me about making other arrangements. Same thing if you need to leave early. If we can make it work and still provide top-notch service, we will! PARKING – park in the Sports Center Complex lot on the east side of Rochester. Enter the stadium through the VIP gate. If you are new, find an adult in Aftershock or Tremor to get you started.


"How does volunteering at the Quakes help me and my student?"


When we volunteer at the Quakes concessions, our individual hours contribute directly toward our student(s) suggested Fair Share Donations (FSD’s). RCMC participants and their parents, siblings, other family, and friends age 16+ are all welcome and encouraged to volunteer at the Quakes. Fundraising dollars from the Quakes are allocated toward the FSD’s for your student(s) that are in the RCMC program based on the number of hours your family and friends volunteer their time. Quakes also provides a terrific opportunity to meet other RCMC students and parents, plus working concessions is a lot of FUN!

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